Youth Fitness Program (F.A.S.T)

At the core of our CrossFit Youth program, F.A.S.T, are the fundamentals needed not only in athletic activity, but also in life.

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Why our Youth Program?

Friendship | Agility | Strength | Teamwork

Being a teen can be challenging both physically and mentally. The best thing we can do is make our teens strong, and not just physically strong.

We gear our Youth Fitness Program towards individuals aged 6-17 and focus on practicing physical movements while fostering an environment that develops strong social skills and self-confidence.

Our goals of our Youth Fitness Program are to build strength to protect our teens from sport-related injuries by building strength while helping them develop a love for health and fitness that lasts into adulthood. Studies show that exposing our adolescents to fitness can build strong bones and muscles, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduce the risk of developing health conditions.


At the core of all CrossFit is friendship. During each class our kids are each others best cheerleaders, motivating them and congratulating them on their success.


Agility plays a big role as we grow into adulthood, our youth classes makes sure our children are prepared for whatever activity they pursue beyond class.


Your child will develop movement patterns that will make them less likely to get injured in sports.

Teamwork & Leadership

Group classes teach teamwork. Group/team workouts teach your child how to lead others through inspiration, communication and encouragement.

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