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Environment that focuses on developing strong social skills and self-confidence
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At the core of our CrossFit Youth program, F.A.S.T., are the fundamentals needed not only in athletic activity, but also in life. We gear our classes for kids ages 5-17 and focus on practicing physical movements while fostering an environment that focuses on developing strong social skills and self-confidence. We offer a variety of options for your child depending on their age and ability. CrossFit Kids (Ages 5 to 11)Children in this age group will focus on all our core goals, in a fun and relaxed environment. Kids will participate in a variety of movements and games related to CrossFit and develop the foundation for a path towards a lifetime of fitness and social skills. Junior Athlete (Ages 11 to 13)Students in this group will be individually assessed to determine which program is right for them. This assessment includes physical ability as well as social skills along with what program the child feels the most comfortable in. Student Athlete (Ages 13 to 17)Young adults in this age group will have the foundational fitness programming with a CrossFit based focus on strength and conditioning for teenage athletes. In addition to strength and conditioning, our student athletes will engage in activities that focus on respecting others, dedication, and motivation.

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