For ALL Ability Levels

From CrossFit classes with other members to one-on-one goal planning and nutrition, we offer everything you’ll need to become the best version of yourself and “Find Your Fit”. Our training is based off the CrossFit model, which is a variety of functional movements done at a high-intensity level. While that may sound intimidating, we have the best coaches that work to find what movements work for you and what intensity level is right for you. Our goal is not only for you to become stronger, faster, and more fit, but also to enjoy yourself while you do it.


Probably one of the most intimidating things you see on TV, but one of the easiest to do in person. CrossFit workouts are different every day and easily modified to help every athlete reach their goal, and beyond. CrossFit movements are based off of training for real life scenarios, where all the movements will help you perform everyday functions, but also help you become a stronger, fitter you. Let by our professional coaches, you’ll go through a variety of movements in each workout, sometimes working on strength and other times working on cardiovascular abilities or even mobility.

Class workouts vary from day to day, but will always be in a group with other athletes. Our athletes vary in age, gender, and ability but they all have one thing in common, working towards their own goal. Each class presents a different and unique challenge, but will have you wanting to come back for more.

Workouts are tracked through an online app so you can monitor your progress and even see how you stack up against other members, if you like. More importantly, you can use these results to challenge yourself in upcoming workouts and really get the most out of your exercise experience.

Boot Camp

Our 8 Week Boot Camp Class is designed for those new to CrossFit looking to get some additional coaching as well as nutritional advice. It includes two weeks of On-Boarding where you’ll learn all the CrossFit movements and do CrossFit workouts, in an environment with others that are also new to the CrossFit community. You’ll also get a body scan when you start, and once after the course is over to see the progress that you’ve made. So, if you’re looking to get a great workout or just jump start your fitness journey, our Boot Camp is a great place to start!

What’s included:

  • 8 weeks of health and nutritional coaching
  • Initial, mid-point, and exit body scan to help set goals and understand body composition
  • Two weeks of On-Ramp classes going over movements and workouts related to CrossFit
  • Five weeks of unlimited class membership upon successful completion of On-Ramp classes
  • Professional coaching before, during, and after each class provided by our CrossFit coaches
  • Weekly group nutrition class to help you understand your nutritional needs
  • Weekly goals meeting with on-site nutritionist to review your progress and goals
More Information

Personalized Nutrition

We take our cars to a mechanic to get fixed, we take our taxes to an accountant to get done, why wouldn’t we do the same thing for our bodies? Sheyenne River CrossFit offers a registered dietitian in-house to provide you with the information and knowledge that you need to get the most out of the food you eat.

We know that there is a lot of “information” out there, from thirty day diet fads, to supplements that “guarantee a healthier you in just weeks”. Nutrition and health isn’t that simple. We’ll help you navigate through all this, working with you in a similar fashion as we do with our workouts, everything can be scaled. We offer courses that go through the basics of nutrition and courses that go into the fine details of macronutrients and the scientific health information, whatever level you are looking for.

Outside of our personalized nutrition, we’ll run a few “challenges” where we really get down into understanding how certain foods affect our body and what we can do to improve our eating habits. Each of these challenges present different opportunities, but you won’t be alone. You’ll be able to go through these courses alongside other members that are looking for the same knowledge and improvements as you are, and be guided by our registered dietitian the entire way.

One-On-One Training

When the classes aren’t enough, or you’re just not ready to step into a class setting but really want to get some workouts in, our One-On-One Training is what you are looking for. From goal setting and planning with a coach, to individual personal training sessions, we offer a variety of one-on-one options.

In our goal setting and planning, you’ll work with a coach to come up with some “SMART” goals. This can be as simple as being able to do a push-up to something as complicated as something called a muscle-up. Our coaches will sit down with you and go through the why of your goals and the best approach to get there. They’ll program weekly movements, milestones to hit along the way, and check in with you to see how you are doing. Once you accomplish one of these goals, you’ll have enjoyed the work to get there so much, you’ll want to jump right into planning the next one.

If you aren’t quite ready for a class full of people moving around, sweating, and sometimes making strange noises, we offer our personal training sessions to any member. In a personal training session you’ll work directly with our coach who will program a workout for you and coach you through it. Each session will last 30-45 minutes and oftentimes mimics the class workouts. You can use these to get acclimated to the movements and the gym, with the plan being to eventually get into a class setting, or you can use these as an alternative to class settings and just have a personal trainer at all times, whichever you feel is right for you.

Friendship. Agility. Strength. Teamwork.

At the core of our CrossFit Youth program, F.A.S.T., are the fundamentals needed not only in athletic activity, but also in life. We gear our classes for kids ages 5-17 and focus on practicing physical movements while fostering an environment that focuses on developing strong social skills and self-confidence. We offer a variety of options for your child depending on their age and ability.

CrossFit Kids (Ages 5 to 11)
Children in this age group will focus on all our core goals, in a fun and relaxed environment. Kids will participate in a variety of movements and games related to CrossFit and develop the foundation for a path towards a lifetime of fitness and social skills.

Junior Athlete (Ages 11 to 13)
Students in this group will be individually assessed to determine which program is right for them. This assessment includes physical ability as well as social skills along with what program the child feels the most comfortable in.

Student Athlete (Ages 13 to 17)
Young adults in this age group will have the foundational fitness programming with a CrossFit based focus on strength and conditioning for teenage athletes. In addition to strength and conditioning, our student athletes will engage in activities that focus on respecting others, dedication, and motivation.