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Group Class

Our Group Class is where the majority of our members strive to be. Group classes run one hour long and incorporate a variety of movements and stimulus, with the goal being functional fitness. Each class has multiple levels and is highly scalable so a member at ANY level can participate.

Onboarding (1 on 1 or Small Group)

STARTING OFF CAN BE INTIMIDATING FOR MANY AND THAT’S WHY WE HAVE A GUIDED INTRO EXPERIENCE FOR YOU. Our Onboarding Course is designed for everyone, from the person that has never exercised to an everyday athlete. We break this down into seven sessions where we go over your goals and mobility and then jump into functional movement where we go over basic CrossFit movements and workout terminology. Each session is 30-minutes and designed around our regular Group Class sessions. We want every member to have a great experience once they get into our big groups, so we require everyone to go through Onboarding.


Designed for individuals looking for a lower impact workout, our L.I.F.E. class focuses on similar movements but at a lower impact and weight. While this class is designed for our senior members, it is open to all, and we often find many of our regular members taking advantage of this class.

Nutrition and Accountability

Mindfulness and motivation play a huge role in not only our exercise, but in anything we do. Our Nutrition and Accountability focuses on both of these factors and helps our members find a goal they can not only focus on, but also achieve. While this is a class that can be done on its own, it is typically added on to one of our other class types.

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Student Athlete Training

Programming geared specifically for student athletes looking to improve their skill sets, Student Athlete Training focuses on mobility and explosiveness as well as team-worm. The foundation of all our classes is that we are a community, and that starts at any age.

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